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Public Selection of Canteen Operation
source: Release time: 2020-01-14

运营公开遴选 公告 Public Selection of Canteen Operation


全面负责评定中心职工食堂运营,包括早、中餐制作及食堂操作间卫生等相关工作。 I. Work content : Fully responsible for assessing the staff canteen operation of the center, including morning and Chinese food preparation and sanitation of the cafeteria operation room.

12 个月 2. Working period: 12 months

3. Basic requirements :

、参选人应承诺保持所使用的房屋原状和用途,如确需对房屋进行装修、改造时,必须经中心同意且在不影响房屋结构的情况下进行。 1. Candidates should promise to maintain the original state and purpose of the houses used. If it is necessary to renovate or renovate the houses, they must be approved by the center without affecting the structure of the houses.

、参选人应承诺不得将食堂私自转让或委托他人管理,更不能有规定范围外的其他行为,一经发现,评定中心有权取消其合作资格,并给予经济处罚或诉讼法律。 2. Candidates should promise not to transfer or entrust the management of the canteen privately, or to conduct other acts outside the prescribed scope. Once found, the assessment center has the right to cancel its qualification for cooperation and give economic punishment or legal law.

、服务原则:保证饮食安全与按时供给;保证卫生保洁质量及环境安全。 3. Service principles: ensure diet safety and timely supply; ensure sanitary cleaning quality and environmental safety.

、工作要求:参选人应严格遵守《中华人民共和国食品安全法》、《中华人民共和国食品安全实施条例》等法律法规,遵守《餐饮业和集体送餐配送单位卫生规范》及我中心的相关规定。 4. Job requirements: Candidates shall strictly abide by laws and regulations such as the "Food Safety Law of the People's Republic of China" and "Regulations on the Implementation of Food Safety of the People's Republic of China", and comply with the "Sanitary Regulations of the Catering Industry and Collective Food Delivery Units" and Regulations.

、质量保证:饭菜质量好、色香味俱佳、花色品种齐全,严禁使用腐烂变质食品,原材料进货渠道正规,供应商证件齐全,保证工作人员吃好、吃饱、吃得营养,满意度在80%以上。 5 , quality assurance: good quality of food, good color and fragrance, complete variety of colors, rotten food is strictly prohibited, raw materials purchase channels are regular, supplier documents are complete, to ensure that the staff eat well, eat satisfactorily, eat nutrition, satisfaction in More than 80%. (Appendix for satisfaction collection and assessment is attached).

、监督管理:中心管理部门按照国家相关法律法规、规范及中心相关规章制度,对合作方的经营状况、卫生状况、饭菜质量、花色品种、价格、原材料购置渠道、生产安全、从业人员情况、培训状况、操作规程、食品存储标准等进行监督、检查和指导。 6. Supervision and management: In accordance with the relevant national laws and regulations, norms and relevant rules and regulations of the center, the central management department shall provide information on the operating conditions, sanitary conditions, meal quality, color variety, price, raw material procurement channels, production safety, employment conditions, etc. of the partners, Supervision, inspection and guidance on training status, operating procedures, food storage standards, etc.

、如出现食物中毒、饮食纠纷、拖欠员工工资、社会保障福利、保险金、触犯治安管理及法律行为,或其它安全责任事故等,所造成的一切后果(包括行政、法律责任和经济赔偿等)由经营方承担。 7. All consequences (including administration, legal liability and financial compensation, etc.) caused by food poisoning, diet disputes, arrears of employees' wages, social security benefits, insurance payments, violations of public security management and legal acts, or other safety liability accidents, etc. ) By the operator.

、能源管理:合作方应本着节约的原则,使用水、电、煤气。 8. Energy management: Partners should use water, electricity and gas in accordance with the principle of conservation.

中心每季度对食堂进行考核,并按照考核处罚办法进行监管(考核方法附后)。 4. Assessment: The center will assess the cafeteria quarterly and supervise it in accordance with the assessment penalties (the assessment method is attached).

、餐费标准餐费按每人每天不超过28元(早、中餐)标准,每月21天核计。 V. Meal Standards Meal costs are calculated at a rate of no more than 28 yuan per person per day (breakfast and Chinese meals) per day, and 21 days per month.

工作费用由报名者根据自身实际情况申报,最低价格入选。 6. The work expenses shall be declared by the applicant according to his actual situation, and the lowest price shall be selected.

Qualification requirements for candidates

、参选人必须是独立法人,并具有餐饮管理经营资格的企业机构,具有营业执照、税务登记证、组织机构代码证,熟悉饮食卫生等相关的法规知识。 1. Candidate must be an independent legal person and an enterprise with qualifications in catering management and operation, possessing a business license, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate, and knowledge of related laws and regulations on food hygiene.

、参选人必须是自行提供服务,不得将食堂经营管理项目进行任何方式的分包、转包。 2. Candidates must provide services on their own, and shall not subcontract or subcontract the canteen management project in any way.

  Registration time and method

、报名时间:从2020年115日上午9:00至25日下午5:00截止。 1. Registration time: from 9:00 am on January 15 , 2020 to 5:00 pm on February 5 , 2020.

、报名方式:现场或网上提交资料报名。 2. Registration method: Submit materials on-site or online for registration.

Nine, other

、必须有三家或以上单位报名,出现报名数量不够或资质不符情况时,经重新公开遴选。 1. There must be three or more units to register. If there are insufficient registrations or qualifications are not met, they will be re-opened for selection.

、报名方式 2. Registration method

(1) On-site registration

Contact:    Yao Jiangong

Phone: 010-87899816

Location: No. 108, Jiaxing Yongwai West Innovation Zone, Dongcheng District, Beijing

(2) Online registration

Email: yaojiangong@cccf.com.cn

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